Big Cat for Little Wandle Fluency: Levels 1 to 10 Complete Set


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Little Wandle Fluency features 40 engaging new books which support children in years 2 and 3 to extend their vocabulary and gain reading speed and confidence. These books can be enjoyed by children who have learnt to read through Little Wandle or any other phonics program and are ready to start their independent reading journey.

These accessible books have been carefully designed to bridge the gap at the end of a child’s phonics journey into independent reading, helping to avoid them becoming overwhelmed by the vast range of titles available in a library — many of which will be beyond their current reading ability and too mature in content.

The 40 titles are split into 10 levels, consisting of six chapters, with word counts ranging from 2880 (60 words per minute) to 5760 (120 words per minute).

Offering a range of fiction and non-fiction titles, Little Wandle Fluency completes the phonics journey and provides more phonics practice for year 2 children, as well as helping to build reading stamina and fluency with age-appropriate books that will nurture a love of reading.

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