After high demand for a new range of books to link the can between Blue and Green book bands, we are pleased to introduce our Intro to Phase 5 reading range!

BookLife Readers have been specifically created in line with the way that children are taught to read in schools and by working with teachers we know that the leap up to Phase 5 is one of the biggest hurdles developing readers face. This brand-new range of ‘Intro’ books has been created specifically to help developing readers bridge this gap.

In reaction to all the requests we received directly from teachers and educational professionals, we have developed 22 uniquely created books, each focusing on one of the core sounds which feature at this level. By focusing on one sound instead of bombarding new readers with everything at once you can allow your reader to learn and master the new sound before progressing. We are confident that this levelled approach to learning will build confidence in your new readers and develop their skills at a far greater pace and with a better level of understanding.

22 Intro to Phase 5 titles are now available to buy HERE!

Intro to Phase 5 Titles