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Big Cat, from popular publisher Collins, is one of the most recognised and used reading schemes in schools today, so it's no wonder why their exciting Phonics for Letters and Sounds range is proving to be equally as desired.

Our Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds Orange collection contains 20 titles perfectly aligned to Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds (book band level Orange. Children will love the exciting range of fiction and non-fiction with their bright, colourful illustrations and eye-catching photographs. Each title features a 'Before Reading' page which lists the focus phonemes and common exception words within, and an 'After Reading' page that contains useful guidance and support.

The phonemes covered within this pack are:

/a/  /ai/  /c/  /ch/  /dge/  /e/  /ee/  /e-e/  /eigh/  /ey/  /f/  /g/  /ge/  /ie/  /igh/  /j/  /l/  /le/  /oo/  /ph/  /s/  /se/  /sh/  /t/  /tch/  /u/  /v/  /ve/  /w/  /wh/  /y/  /z/

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