Project X Code Phase 5: Orange & Turquoise

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Specifically designed to appeal to today's children, Project X Code is a reading intervention for children reading one or more years behind their peers. It combines systematic, synthetic phonics with vocabulary and comprehension development in a character adventure series which features the popular Project X characters — Team X. This collection contains 20 books at book band levels Orange and Turquoise (Oxford Levels 6 and 7) which are aligned to Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds.

The series utilises a unique two text approach: Text 1 is 100% decodable to build confidence and vocabulary, while Text 2 is 80% decodable to challenge and deepen the reader's comprehension. Both texts contain the focus GPC's (grapheme-phoneme correspondence) and tricky words but Text 1 highlights these words for the reader and adult to practise together. There are 14 entry and exit points which enables children to start and finish the intervention at a point that suits them.

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