Get Your Class Out On the Grass!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing - it's time to jump into June and get exploring! It's the perfect month to get outside and learn all about the natural world. In celebration of the warmer weather, we are challenging you and your class to get outside and Explore More! Keep an eye out for our emails and social media this term and you'll discover:

      • Brand-new FREE curriculum resources for you to download, print and photocopy.
      • Special weekly book selections, highlighting perfect packs to inspire your young adventurers, all available with FREE next day delivery!
      • A massive 50% off our specially chosen KS1 & KS2 ‘Explore More’ collections, which are available for a limited time only.

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What's Happening

It’s June, and the summer term is in full swing. Your classes might be learning in the lovely sunshine or maybe you’ve still got your school jumpers and welly boots on for a little while yet, but either way it’s a great month to get out on the grass and take a close look at the little things. There are brilliant bugs everywhere at this time of year, so what could be better than kicking off with the creepy-crawlies! From beautiful butterflies to wriggling worms – check out our discounted packs, featuring books about the little lives of bugs and bees. Maybe you’ve got your own class caterpillars, or you’re heading down to the woods on a bug hunt – why not head over to twitter and facebook and show us your
marvellous minibeasts!

Minibeast and Habitat book collections

June is drawing to a close this week (already?), and we’re wondering about the weather at BookLife. Whether the Sun is shining or the clouds have opened, the summer term is a great time to get out of the classroom and into the parks, forests and fields – or maybe you’re exploring an urban environment with your little learners. Whether you need umbrellas or sun cream, there’s so much to see and say when talking about the weather – from observing cloud patterns or measuring temperatures to collecting rainwater and jumping in muddy puddles! Check out one of our weather packs that we’ve specially selected for you this week?

Weather and Seasons book collections

Summer is a great time to look at all creatures great and small, and we’ve put together some perfect packs and terrific titles exploring life cycles for you this week. We’ve also got some amazing discounted packs* covering all our Explore More ideas for the summer term. So what are you waiting for?

Life Cycles book collections

The end of term is fast approaching, and so is the end of our Explore More campaign! Help your class grow to love plants in our final week; Plant Parts! Your little flowers will love our specially cultivated packs. Plant the seeds of knowledge and put down the roots of learning with our perfect packs and beautiful books, all picked especially for you! Our Explore More packs are still on offer above, and everything else is in the match funding scheme which runs out on July 24th, so make hay while the Sun shines and dig in today!

Plant Parts book collections